ATL Collective presents Joni Mitchell's "BLUE"

  • Eddie's Attic

Early Show 7PM
Late Show 9:30PM

Eddie's Attic proudly welcomes back ATL Collective's retelling of Joni Mitchell's shimmering 1971 release Blue. Due to popular demand, there will be an early and a late show. Both will feature Adron, Shana Tucker, Wrenn and Casey Harper playing the album top to bottom. They will also perform an in-the-round featured set of originals. If you've not been to a Collective presentation before, you're missing out on one of our city's finest cultural happenings. ATL Collective handpicks the finest albums and gathers the choicest local and national acts to perform the tracks in sequence. Evenings are often paired with food or beverage hooks and stories about the artist and context for the album's release. Tickets will be gone soon, so get them now.